Lolita Wildin

My mission is to create art that is a part of you.

It moves you. It has an emotional attachment or feeling.

 It's a memory that you hold dear.


Or its your favourite colour which inspires your very soul each day with revitalised life and energy.

Together we can create your vision!



From Sydney, Australia

Art began for me as a young girl taking an interest in drawing and oil painting. Self  taught back then I continued art through school going on to pursue  Graphic Art, Design and Photography.


I am constantly hounded by the beautiful world around me and the potential paintings to be created. Having  travelled to many parts of the world and around Australia it is where I find my inspirations.


I work in different media including watercolour, acrylics, oils, pencil and 

gouache airbrushing. The medium I use usually depends on the subject and how I see the finished product.


I am passionate about creating things. From paintings to designs to organising anything that includes a bit of creativity.

Life is a beautiful journey and taking time to

'stop and paint the roses'  is truly wonderful.


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