Lolita Wildin

"My mission is to create art that is a part of you.

It moves you. It has an emotional attachment or feeling.

 It's a memory that you hold dear.


Or its your favourite colour which inspires your very soul each day with revitalised life and energy.

Together we can create your vision!"



From Sydney, Australia, Lolita Wildin is an award winning Artist and Designer with collections around Australia and Overseas.

Her talent was evident at a young age and she went on to pursue this professionally in the Graphic Art and Design Industry.

Her passion lies in both Plein Air (outdoor) and Studio Works inspired by her travels to Europe, the Pacific Islands and around Australia.

Lolita works mainly in Watercolour and Acrylics but has experience with other mediums including Oils, Coloured Pencil and Airbrushing.

Her inspirations come from the beauty of nature and the play of light is significant in her work. It is the light which attracts her attention when photographing her reference material.

Her hunger to capture this beauty and using art as her means of expressing this appreciation is portrayed through a realist and impressionist style

In each you will experience the calm and ambience of natures beauty and the tranquil blue colours of which she is drawn to paint with.  

"I am constantly inspired by the beautiful world around me and the potential paintings to be created. Having  travelled to many parts of the world and around Australia it is where I find my inspirations."

                 " Life is a beautiful journey and taking time to

                  'stop and paint the roses'  is truly wonderful. "


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